About Us

Hi, my name is Amiel. I'm one of the co-creators of Dal Segno Gear. I'm the one on the far left in the photos above (the one hanging out with Clint Boge from the Butterfly Effect. Yeah he's rad, he wears Dal Segno.)

Dal Segno started out as a goofy idea to put some funny stuff on tees. And it pretty much has stayed that way. Now with this cool new store you can put one of our fully sick designs on what ever the hell you want!! Just click on 'View all customizable products'. Remember there are more categories below all of the apparel. 



For MUSICIANS, music is more than just a pastime or a great soundtrack to our lives. It is a way of life, a culture, a philosophy and a community. It is a vehicle for self-discovery and expression. It is a way to connect with other people. It is the reason we live and breathe and get out of bed every day. It is our medium.

We believe that music is a common ground that is shared by people from all walks of life, transcending barriers of colour, creed, class and language. Music opens doors and creates connections in ways that only music can. Music shows us that tension and resolution go hand in hand, that without sorrow there can be no joy, that with great pain comes great understanding and that life is a work of art unfolded over time.

Dal Segno™ is a celebration of our community. We take great pride in our designs and what they mean to musicians. Dal Segno™ provides musicians with an unofficial uniform that is made by musicians for musicians.

Wear music.

The Dal Segno™ Team.